Motorcycle Mania Pop-up Card

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Featured on the all-black cover is a striking illustration of a motorcycle that’s just raring to go! Open the Motorcycle Mania 3D pop-up card to find a Harley Davidson 3D look-alike in all its elegance and grandeur. The pop-up comes complete with truly impressive wheels, an imposing body form and style that is unmatched! A splash of grey and red brings the motorcycle to life and makes it ready to roll. Cool, trendy and vibrant, this card rocks!

Occasions for the Motocycle Mania 3D pop-up Card:

You won’t find it hard to find an avid motorcycle enthusiast! Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or even a farewell, the Motorcycle Mania 3D pop-up card is perfect for those who love to ride. You’ll feel the road calling your name when you set your eyes on these set of wheels. Give it to someone who has adrenalin coursing through their veins! Alternatively, it can also be sent to someone who needs to take a break and relax. Perhaps your spouse or friend has been working too hard and you want them to go on a holiday. As a retirement card, it will convey exactly what you want to say in grand style!

Motorcycle Mania card is 7.9 inx 5.9 in. ( 200 mm x 150 mm )

One card with corresponding envelope

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