Penguin Bear 3D pop-up card

  • $11.99

A little penguin traveled all the way from Antarctica to the North Pole to greet its polar bear buddy. And the adorable Penguin Bear 3D pop-up card was born. The black and white forms of the penguin and the polar bear appear as a laser cut graphic on the cover of the card, together with a bright red gift box. An adorable 3-dimensional scene unfolds on opening the card, showing the tiny penguin handing the gift box to the big white bear. Both animals sit on icebergs wearing festive Christmas hats and happy smiles. A backdrop of light blue hills completes the picture.

Occasions for the Penguin Bear 3D pop-up card

The Penguin Bear 3D pop-up card has Christmas written all over it. Make it the bearer of your Christmas wishes to friends and family members who live miles away. The sweet symbolism of the card will remind them that no matter how far apart you may be, you’ll keep them in your thoughts throughout the festive season.

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