Fiery Dragon 3D pop-up card

  • $11.99

Designed to make an unforgettable impression, the Fiery Dragon 3D pop-up card starts working its magic even before you open it. Laser cut on its jet-black cover is the majestic red silhouette of a fire-breathing dragon, spreading its wings as it takes flight and setting the tone for the surprise that awaits the recipient inside. Opening the card reveals a spectacular 3D dragon, its vivid red wings outstretched as it soars above a mass of white clouds. Flames emerging from the dragon’s mouth, and cleverly crafted details all across its body add to the awe-inspiring composition.

Occasions for the Fiery Dragon 3D pop-up card

The Fiery Dragon 3D pop-up card is more about the recipient than any particular occasion. Send it to a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter fan on their birthday or other special day. Use it to congratulate that friend, colleague or loved one whose ambition and fiery determination you’ve always admired. Or just hand it to an imaginative child (or adult) to send them on new flights of fancy! 

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