School Bus Pop-up Card

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The friendly smiling faces of a driver and happy school children are reasons enough to get the School Bus 3D pop-up card! Look at that little kid cheerfully running to catch the bus. It just gets better on the inside as you’ll find a big bright pop-up of a yellow school bus with contrasting black wheels, making its way past the bus stand. The card also features added embellishments of a stop sign and a safety sign that reads ‘School Bus Stop Ahead’.

Occasions for the School Bus 3D pop-up Card:

Going back to school can be so exciting! There’s so many people to meet and things to do! The School Bus 3D pop-up card captures all that energy and adventure and makes the whole experience so much more fun. Give your child this card on the first day of school and set the right tone for the year to come. Or give it to someone who is starting a teaching job at a school. This card lets you get creative! 

 school bus card is 7.9 inx 5.9 in. ( 200 mm x 150 mm )

One card with corresponding envelope

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